K. L. Price

Mathematics Department, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, 800 Algoma Boulevard, Oshkosh, WI 54901-8631


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1997

Dissertation: ”Universal Enveloping Algebras of Lie Color Algebras”


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

M.S. in Mathematics, 1991


Western Illinois University

B.S. in Mathematics with a Physics minor, 1990

Magna Cum Laude


MAA Project NExT Fellow, 1998 – 1999

U.S. Department of Education Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GANN) Fellowship, 1990 – 1993
WIU Walter Eller Physics Scholarship, 1988 – 1989 


University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Professor of Mathematics September 2013 to present
Associate Professor of Mathematics September 2005 to September 2012
Assistant Professor of Mathematics September 1999 to June 2005
Taught College Algebra, Trigonometry, Liberal Arts Mathematics (Problem Based Inquiry Seminary), Finite Math, Discrete Math, Introduction to Statistics, Applied Statistics, Probability and Statistics for Elementary Education, Business Calculus, Calculus I, II, and III, Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry, Introduction to Group Theory, Introduction to Ring Theory, Introduction to Linear Algebra, Advanced Linear Algebra, Seminar in Mathematical Problem Solving, and a graduate course in Algebra.

Truman State University
Visiting Assistant Professor August 1997 to May 1999
Taught College Algebra, Trigonometry, Basic Statistics, Essentials of Calculus, Liberal Arts Calculus, Matrix Algebra, and Calculus II.


Educational Testing Service

Advanced Placement Calculus Exam Reader, 2011 – 2015


UW Oshkosh Precollege Programs

Instructor, 2009 – 2011

Taught a two-week introductory course in business mathematics to high school students in the Young Entrepreneurial Scholars program.

UWM's Gateway to Engineering Science and Technology

Instructor, 1994 – 1995

Taught a two-week advanced geometry course to minority and financially disadvantaged eighth-
and ninth-grade students from Milwaukee Public Schools.


UWM and Milwaukee Public Schools Saturday Academy

Instructor, 1994 – 1997

Designed a course on Density that introduces students to the physical properties of materials in a science lab setting. Collaborated with secondary school teachers. Participated in teaching the following: density, geometry and tessellations, measuring height and distance, algebra experiments,

math modeling and patty paper geometry.


Homological Properties of Color Lie Superalgebras

Advances in Ring Theory, 287-293 (1997)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Primeness Criteria for Universal Enveloping Algebras of Lie Color Algebras

Journal of Algebra 235(2), 589-607 (2001)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Generic Lie Color Algebras

Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society. 71, 327-335 (2005)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Factorization in Quantum Planes

Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 18(3) (2006)
Coauthored with undergraduate student Romain Coulibaly

A Domain Test for Lie Color Algebras

Journal of Algebra and its Applications 7(1), 81—90 (2008)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Normal Quadratics in Ore Extensions, Quantum Planes, and Quantized Weyl Algebras

Acta Appl. Math. 108(1), 73—81 (2009)
Coauthored with undergraduate student Candis Holtz

Take Aim at an Arrowgram

MAA Focus October/November 2011, 22
Coauthored with Dr. S. Szydlik

Good Gradings of Generalized Incidence Rings

Communications in Algebra 41, 3668-3678 (2013)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Good Matrix Gradings from Directed Graphs

Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 609, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, pp. 267—276 (2014)
Coauthored with Dr. S. Szydlik                                                                 

An Alternative Construction to the Transitive Closure of a Directed Graph

International Electronic Journal of Algebra 17, 215-228 (2015)                                                                                                                              

Some Algebras Similar to the 2Χ2 Jordanian Matrix Algebra
Coauthored with Dr. J. Gaddis (submitted)                                


Good Abelian Group Matrix Gradings from Directed Graphs
Coauthored with undergraduate student John Dewitt (in preparation)


Linear Algebra and its Applications

Journal of Algebra and its Applications

Manuscripta Mathematica
Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly


Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

AMS Math Reviewer

MAA Project NExT Fellow

UW OShkosh PRofessional Development Awards

Student Titan Employment Program (STEP) for "Mathematics of Puzzles Research Assistant" covering each of the academic years from fall 2011 through spring 2015.


Sabbatical for "Research at Atlantic Algebra Center" to visit Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada in Fall 2009.


Undergraduate Student and Faculty Collaborative Research grant for "New Discoveries on Quantized Weyl Algebras" for summer 2004.


Research Component grant for "Envelopes of Lie Color Algebras" conducted during summer 2002.


Off-Campus grant award to attend the Von Neumann Conference at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley, CA in 1999.