Jason Moon's Open Letter to Oshkosh

March 28, 2003

[note: Jason Moon is a Fox Valley resident, folk singer, and member of the US military who has recently been called up to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was the topic of an inane Oshkosh Northwestern editorial to which he responded with this letter. I seconded Jason's letter with this piece. Jason sent another letter to Northwestern in February. The Open Letter below was sent recently to Commentary--Tony Palmeri]

It's 04:00 am as I sit here and pack the very last of my gear. At 06:00 hours we ship out. I don't know where we're going? All I know is we're going to be there for up to a year, possibly two. Recently, in Oshkosh and throughout the nation, there has been a lot of debate over whether impending war is justified. I encourage each of you to engage yourselves into the debate. If you think the war is unjust, attend the peace vigils and anti-war protests. If you think the war is justified, attend the pro-policy and counter demonstrations. Whichever side your on, please, do it with respect for one another. Though you may be divided in your opinions, you stand united in the freedom to debate. Whether the sign you hold says "no war" or "go troops" matters little to me. It is the fact that each and every one of you has a right to hold a sign, no matter what it says, and speak your mind freely. For this, I have put down my books and picked up my rifle. For this I say good-bye to my son, not knowing when or if I will ever see his face again. This, the freedom to agree or disagree with our government, the right to gather peacefully to demonstrate, this I'll defend. I hope you can all join me in a prayer, no matter what side of the debate you are on, that someday this world with finally knows peace. That justice and righteousness will flow like a river, from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Baghdad, Iraq.
With all my love and respect,
Spc. Moon, Jason R.
724th Engineer Battalion
Company C

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