March For the Life and Ideas Of Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 20, 3:00pm
Peace Park (Main & Algoma) to Reeve Union for Speakers and Music
Dress Warm

The Fox Valley Peace Coalition (, UWO SEAC and the Campus Greens would like to invite the Greater Oshkosh Community and the surrounding areas to participate in a march from Peace Park (Main and Algoma) to Reeve Union to recognize and celebrate the life and ideas of Martin Luther King Jr., most predominately his passion for a world free of violence and war. In a time
when a billion dollars a day are taken from the mouths and minds of our
children and given to the military, all the while the foundation and institutions upon which we stand united, are crumbling beneath our feet.

We as active citizens must realize the power to re-establish a strong base for
change is in the people. In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., in the
spirit of what is best for our fellow human beings, stand up for what you
believe, stand up for what you believe in. Please join us at 3:00pm, January
20 at Peace Park (Main and Algoma) and utilize the voice you have. United we have compassion to stand up for those who are suffering.

For More info please contact Bob Poeschl, 203-6966



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