Chemistry workshop is a two-hour, once-a-week opportunity for Chem 105 and Chem 106 students to work in groups to solve chemistry problems related to the current lecture material.  There is no credit given for attendance.  However, our data have shown that students who attend at least 90% of the workshops obtain a one-half to a full letter grade higher final grade in the course than students of similar backgrounds who do not attend workshops.


For the Fall 2009 semester, the workshop will be held on Mondays from 5:30-7:30 and Fridays 10:10-12:10.  The rooms will be announced in lecture.  Workshop will start on Monday September 14.  Please contact Dr. Neuendorf if you have any questions.  You must purchase a workbook at the bookstore and bring it with you to the first session.  You should also bring your textbook and a calculator.