Department of BiologyUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Information for prospective students:

Unfortunately, most projects in the Mitchell lab are on hiatus until the COVID-19 pandemic is resolved. However, some small projects may still be possible under the university's current social distancing guidelines. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research in the lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Mitchell for more information.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Robert F. Mitchell

Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Curriculum vitae

Rob Mitchell received his bachelor's degree in Biology at Duke University, a Master's and PhD from the Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and completed a 3-year postdoctoral tour in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Arizona, via the NIH-funded PERT program. He studies the chemical ecology of insects, and is especially interested in the olfactory biology of beetles. He is also curator of the UW-Oshkosh Insect Collection, a regional collection of approximately 200,000 specimens.

When he manages to have a life outside academics, he enjoys hiking, photography, fiddling with graphical editing software, and spending time with his wife and son, who are unbelievably tolerant of the frozen insects that fill their freezer.

Graduate Students

Doua Yang

Doua joined the lab in Spring 2017, and is studying how the architecture of the antennal lobe relates to pheromone use in cerambycid beetles. Doua's research is supported by a UWO Graduate Student/Faculty Collaborative Research Grant; read more about it here!

Lyndsay Poeschl

Lyndsay joined the lab in Fall 2017, and is studying the form and function of stridulatory plates in wood-boring beetles.

Lab Alumni

Rachel McKay
Research Assistant and McNair Scholar, 2019-2020
Annotation of olfactory genes from numerous beetle genomes.

Hattie Bauer
Research Assistant, 2019-2020
Electroantennography of Colorado potato beetle.

Ben App
Collections Assistant, 2016-2019
Assisted in maintenance of the UWO Insect Collection.

Nicole Peters
Research Assistant and Independent Study, 2018-2019
Dissection and SEM prep of longhorned beetle stridulatory plates.

Evan Laplant
Collections Assistant, 2018-2019
Assisted in maintenance of the UWO Insect Collection.

Audra Jenson
Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2018-2019
Annotation of olfactory receptors from the lesser grain borer and mealworm genomes.

Maria Nummerdor
Biology Independent Study, 2018-2019
Curation of calyptrate flies in the UWO collection.

Troy Schneider
Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2016-2018
Annotation of olfactory receptors from numerous beetle genomes.

Kyle Kettner
Collections Assistant, 2017-2018
Assisted in maintenance of the UWO Insect Collection.

Allison Clausen
Biology Independent Study, 2017
Effects of flooding and drought on the volatile production of wild lupine.

Amber All
Collections Assistant, 2016-2017
Assisted in maintenance of the UWO Insect Collection.

Sean Kirkpatrick
Biology Independent Study, 2016
Effect of urbanization on species composition of longhorned beetles.

Adam Schwartz
Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015-2016
Annotation of olfactory genes from the genome of the emerald ash borer.