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As important details of the European Odyssey 2008 are finalized, they will be posted to this site.

Be sure to also consult the UW Oshkosh International Study Abroad site ( for important information relating to application deadlines, passport applications, scholarship and grant opportunities, FAQ and many other travel abroad details.



Students and Parents

Imagine studying with experienced and well travelled professors while residing in Rome, Florence, Lyon, Paris, London, Vienna, Amsterdam and Berlin for an entire semester! Additional opportunities will exist for personal travel during the "Spring Break" week, or spend the week in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is what the UW Oshkosh European Odyssey for spring 2008 is offering to qualified students.

For more detailed information on this amazing new 13 week study abroad opportunity, please follow the links above and visit the UW Oshkosh Office of International Education ( to learn more about this outstanding educational oportunity.

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