Internet Links for History of Science in Britain

Links for specific topics in the course:

General references for history of science:

Royal Society
The Royal Society 
History of the Royal Society
Internet Library of Early Journals

rise of experiments
Epact:  Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
timeline in optics
pioneers in optics
electricity timeline
Katz's history of electrochemistry
Gallery of Electromagnetic Personalities

English attack on the Longitude Problem (St. Andrews)
Royal Geographic Society
Strange Science- the Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology
A History of Evolutionary Thought (U California Museum of Paleontology)
Timeline of Evolutionary Thought (UC Museum of Paleontology)
A Romantic Natural History (Dickinson College)
Lefalophodon informal history of evolutionary biology
Revolutionary Players (Industrial Revolution in the West Midlands)
Women and the Lunar Men

Science through the Centuries at Cambridge
Cavendish Lab educational website
Museum at the Cavendish
History of The Cavendish Lab at Cambridge (text)
determination of DNA structure (UW-Madison MRSEC)

Cambridge-educated Nobel Prize winners
Oxford-educated Nobel Prize winners
famous Oxonia

Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Internet History of Science Sourcebook
ECHO Exploring and Collecting History Online
Science & Society Picture Library

Mathematics and Physics
St. Andrews History of Mathematics
History of Math at Trinity, Dublin
Starry Messenger - History of Astronomy (Hist & Phil of Science atCambridge)
ChemSoc (Royal Society of Chemistry) Timeline of Science (slow to load)
Chemical Achievers- Chemical Heritage Foundation
Woodrow Wilson Foundation - history of chemistry
Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
Other web sites on (mainly) the history of chemistry and history of science
ChemTeam Classic Papers
Famous Scientists, Fromm
A History of Chemistry, Fromm 
Chemistry, A Historical Perspective, Fromm
History of Science, Charlesworth, Michigan Tech (mostly chemistry)

British History

This Sceptered Isle: the easiest way to learn the history of England (BBCi)
English History timeline, Civil War to World War II

Renaissance exploration and trade
Lynch Chronology of 17th and 18th Centuries
Lynch 18th century
18th-Century Resources -- Science 
Victorian Web
Victorian Science: An Overview
Science and Technology Timeline

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Last updated: November 7, 2006