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10. You’ll be one in a million—or pretty close to it.

9. It isn’t all that hard.

8. It’s better than spending the rest of your life in a fog about comma placement.

7. You’ll amaze your friends—and your professors.

6. It’ll give you lots of great pickup lines: “Hey, babe, you wanna go up to my place and go over some comma rules?”

5. You’ll have fewer red marks on papers and tests that get handed back.

4. Your editing will improve.

3. Your writing will improve.

2. Your grades will improve.

1. Your career prospects will improve.

Reason No. 1 is clearly the most important—and it’s true. There are very few people, including professional journalists, who really know how to use commas. If you are one of them, you will be recognized by other members of the club. And they will remember you when it comes time to hire and promote and give out raises.