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Miles Maguire
Department of Journalism
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh




This printing press is be believed to have been used by Ben Franklin and was acquired by the Smithsonian in 1906.
This caricature
was a going-away present
when I left
The Washington Times

Selected Publications

"Richard Critchfield: Genius Journalism and the Fallacy of Verification," Literary Journalism Studies, fall 2009. PDF.

"The Nonprofit Business Model: Empirical Evidence from the Magazine Industry," Journal of Media Economics, summer 2009.

"Online Debates in Oshkosh: Using the Blog to Promote an Engaged Electorate," Journal of Information Technology & Politics, fall 2008.

"Mapping the Size and Scope of a Nonprofit Media Sector: The Case of Magazine Publishing," Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, fall 2008.

"Caught in the Churn: The Effects of Sequential Ownership Changes on a Newspaper's Content and Quality," Newspaper Research Journal, fall 2oo5. PDF.

"Business as Usual," American Journalism Review, October 2002.

"Profit Fever Revisited," American Journalism Review, March 2002.


Ben Franklin's printing press