All About Commas
(Or at least a lot about commas)
A Short History
of Commas
Some Kind Words About Commas
10 Simple Rules
Commas in Action
Top 10 Reasons
Comma Quiz
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For many journalism students (and truth be told many working journalists), commas cause a lot of problems, which is unfortunate because commas are intended to help writers, not confuse them. This is a Web site that I have put together to take some of the mystery out of using commas.

You can read about the history of commas, which goes a long way toward explaining why they are so problematic.

Or you can skip to 10 simple rules for using the comma.

Or you can skip to a color-coded reference page that shows how these rules are applied.

Or you can skip to my top 10 list of reasons why you should know how to use commas.

Finally, you can take a quiz to test how well you know the comma rules described in the AP Stylebook. (The quiz will open in a new window, which you should close when you are done to return to The Comma Project.)









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