Making it Musical in the Middle:
Energizing Middle-Level General Music through Performing and Composing

October 28, 2004
Wisconsin State Music Conference

Kenneth L. Liske, Ph.D.
Director of Music Education
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Session Outline

--> Review of basic curricular strategies for middle-level general music.

--> Authentic, age-appropriate performing and composing activities students enjoy.

--> Simple, inexpensive technology ideas to help every student create music.

In general and classroom music,
students should interact with one another through music by…





The School Music Program: Description and Standards, 2nd Edition, 1986, MENC.

Teaching General Music: A Course of Study, 1991, MENC.

Sequence of Instructional Units (PDF)

General Music Concept Outline (PDF)

Composition Worksheet series
Triads 1 (PDF)
Triads 2 (PDF)
Triads 3 (PDF)
Triads 4 (PDF)
Triads 5 (PDF)
Composition 1 (PDF)
Composition Study Guide (PDF)

Sample Student Composition (PDF)

Finale Notepad (MakeMusic)

MusicTime Deluxe (gvox)

UWO Choir Camp sample compositions

Handchimes in Classroom Music:
Authentic Performance Instruments and Instructional Tools


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