Elementary Art Home Page

African Clay Masks

Lesson plan and examples of African clay masks made by students in second and third grade, but may be used for older students as well.

Bigfork Elementary Gallery

This web site features a wealth of information for art teachers including: Artists of the Month, Art Ideas, Aesthetic Literacy, Art Trunks (Trunks you can rent with curriculum, books, project ideas, visual aids, and art materials), and Another Cool Art Link which is about dinosaurs.

Jefferson Elementary Art

Van Gogh Lesson: This web site includes pictures, the Van Gogh page, and The Web Museum.Kinder Gallery: Kindergarten students have illustrated a story read by their teacher.

Elementary Art Lessons

This web site contains 35 creative lessons on teaching elementary art. It has some great ideas using a variety of media.

Elementary Art Education

This web site provides a wealth of information for elementary art teachers. In addition to art lessons on the elements and principals of art, there are a number of multicultural lessons on Japan, Egypt, Maya, Native American, and Prehistory. These include the concept, objectives, vocabulary, materials, procedures, and evaluation. The Incredible Art Department features student work, disabled artists, art departments throughtout the United States, careers in art, and more. It is an amazing web site!


Woodland Elementary Art Gallery

Elementary art inspired by artists Georgia O'Keefe, Pablo Picasso, and Keith Harig. There are also illustrations of student work inspired by the writings of various authors.

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