Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management:

Course Number BUS-732

Course Syllabus—Fall 2009

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Instructor: Stephen P. Huffman, Ph.D., CFA, FRM

Times:  6:00 p.m. to 9:10 p.m  Wednesdays

Course Location:  Green Bay MBA Center Office Location: Oshkosh Clow Faculty 206

Office Hours:  Wednesdays 1:50 pm to 2:50 pm and by appointment (I prefer e-mail to make appointments)

Phone-Office: (920) 424-7202 Leave voice messages with Program Assistant

Phone-Program Assistant: (920) 424-1215 or leave message in CF 125

Fax Number: (920) 424-7413

E-mail Address:

Web Page:

D2L page:


Note:  The times designated as office hours are periods of time I have allocated so that you can be certain to find me.  The use of e-mail is the most efficient method of communicating with me. In e-mail correspondences with me please include your name and 732 in the subject to line.

Syllabus Contents--hyper-linked to syllabus

Course Description
Course Prerequisites  

Course Expectations

Course Methodology

Course Materials

Course Objectives

Grading Criteria and Policies




Course Outline and Important dates

End of Chapter Questions and Problems


Writing Style and Format for Projects

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