Financial Management:
Course Number 28-731
Course Syllabus
Syllabus Contents
Instructor: Stephen P. Huffman, Ph.D.
Times: Not teaching course this term
Course Location: Clow Classroom 327 Office Location: Clow Faculty 231
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone-Office: 424-7202 If no answer, leave a message on my answering machine
Phone-Secretary: 424-1215 or with department secretary.
Fax Number: (920) 424-7413
E-mail Address:
Web Page: 
Internet Course Using Learning Space:

Note 1: I am in my office or around the College of Business Administration almost every day. The times designated as office hours are periods of time I have allocated so that you can be certain to find me. Do not hesitate to come by or call my office outside of my stated office hours. The use of e-mail is the most efficient method of communicating with me. When sending e-mail messages please include you name, course number and section number or time.

Syllabus Contents

Course Goals and Objectives
Course Description
Course Expectations
Course Methodology
Required Materials
Grading Criteria and Policies
Contact with me
Writing Style and Format for Projects
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