International Finance: Course Number BUS-335

Course Syllabus—Summer 2009

Syllabus Contents


Instructor: Stephen P. Huffman, Ph.D., CFA, FRM

Times:  Wednesday 6:00 pm  TO  9:10 pm            

Course Location: Clow Classroom 205

Office Location: Clow Faculty 206

Office Hours:  By appointment—use e-mail to make arrangements for the appointment (provide at least 24 hour notice)

Phone-Office:                        (920) 424-7202

Phone-Secretary:       (920) 424-1215

Fax Number:             (920) 424-7413

E-mail Address:

Web Page:


D2L page:


Note:  The use of e-mail is the most efficient method of communicating with me. When sending e-mail messages please include your name, course number and section number and include 335 in the subject line of e-mail correspondence.

Syllabus Contents

Course Goals and Objectives

Course Expectations

Required Materials


§  Grading Criteria and Policies

§  End of Chapter Questions

§  Examples of Acts of Misconduct and Penalties

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