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In lieu of the customary headshot, here is a sketch (caricature?), ostensibly of me, that a student named James doodled during a lecture I gave in Long Beach California in 2003. Although it does sort of resemble me, I find it more interesting for the ways in which it misrepresents. For instance, although I do often hold a coffee cup while lecturing, I've never worn a suit to class. Perhaps James was blending his idea of how a philosophy professor ought to appear with the somewhat less impressive model he saw before him. Or maybe he was just being kind; after all, he also gave me a stronger chin than I actually have. As for the disproportionate size of the head... well, make of that what you will. For me, James' sketch serves as a useful reminder that philosophers would find themselves with little to do were it not for the wide variety of ways in which people view themselves, others, and the rest of the world around them.