Welcome to my sports research page.

Here is a list of the articles I have published:

  1. "Baseball's Earned Run Average: What Kind of an Average Is It?" published in Spring 1994 in Chance
  2. "Double-Elimination Tournaments: Counting and Calculating" published in February 1996 in The American Statistician
  3. "'Fair' Batting Averages with Other Applications" published in Spring 1996 in Mathematics and Computer Education
  4. "A Nonparametric Procedure for Knockout Tournaments" to appear in Journal of Applied Statistics
Here is a list of the articles I have written and submitted for publication
  1. "Ordered Single-Elimination Tournaments" submitted to Operations Research. Revised and resubmitted.
  2. "A Geometric Interpretation of Baseball's Earned Run Average" submitted to Mathematics Teacher
  3. "Pascal's Triangle in Ordered Single-Elimination Tournaments" submitted to Mathematics Teacher
  4. "Was My Opponent (Too) Lucky?" submitted to The College Mathematics Journal
Here is a list of the projects I am pondering over, but have not yet written up into articles!
  1. How to view cumulative averages.
  2. How to incorporate the home field advantage into predicting football scores
  3. How to fairly rank rushing and passing statistics
  4. How to predict the next player to reach a plateau, such as the next 3000 hit man in baseball

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