Disclaimer: Naturally, this page is always under construction. (That's just a way to say I don't work on it much.)

I teach Math and Stat at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I'm (mostly) originally from Montana. I like baseball, baseball statistics, baseball statisticians, and most other sports. I spend my free time playing board war games, playing softball, running, acting, and figuring out ways to solve world hunger, or at least my hunger. I got my degrees from Montana State University

Here is a list of links to the things that make me tick.

School Related

Here is my Vita:

Syllabi for Courses I Am Now Teaching (Spring 2017)

Here is my current semester Spring 2017 Schedule

My Research Area: Sports Statistics

Here is a list of my research articles, both the published ones and the works in progress.

Non-School Related

Here I am reading my textbooks.

Montana: This links to a page with lots of things Montana on it. I like to visit Montana whenever possible.

Click here to see my running page. I have been running regularly since 1999. I'm not very competitive, but I enjoy competing against myself. Due to aging and injuries, I haven't run much since 2008. Perhaps I will get younger soon and resume running. Haha.

Wargames: The game I play the most is Advanced Squad Leader ( ASL ), which is an updated version of Squad Leader. The game uses dice so I get to use my knowledge of probability to help me master it. Yeah, right.

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