Disclaimer:Naturally, this page is always under construction. (That's just a way to say I don't work on it much.)


I teach Math and Stat at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.I'm (mostly) originally from Montana.I like baseball, baseball statistics, baseball statisticians, and most other sports.I spend my free time playing board war games, playing softball, running, acting, and figuring out ways to solve world hunger, or at least my hunger.I got my degrees from Montana State University.

Here is a list of links to the things that make me tick.

School Related

Here is my Vita:

Syllabi for Courses I Am Now Teaching (Fall '14)

Here is my current semester Fall 2014 Schedule

My Research Area: Sports Statistics

Here is a list of my research articles, both the published ones and the works in progress.

Non-School Related

Here I am reading my textbooks.

Montana This links to a page with lots of things Montana on it. I like to visit Montana whenever possible.

Click here to see my running page.I have been running regularly since 1999.I'm not very competitive, but I enjoy competing against myself.Due to aging and injuries, I havenít run much since 2008.Perhaps I will get younger soon and resume running.Haha.

Wargames Eric Pass has lots of stuff on wargames, including Squad Leader and Luftwaffe. The game I play the most is Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), which is an updated version of Squad Leader.


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