Wisconsin Philosophical Association
Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 12, 2003
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Science Building


9:30 a.m. Registration (Fee $2.00)
Coffee and Donuts
Science Building, Room A201

10:15 a.m. Welcome

10:20 a.m. Session I
Faculty Session, Room A201
David Seligman [Ripon College] "Eating Art"
Chairperson: Karin Fry – UW Stevens Point

Student Session, Room A202
Matthew French, "Plato and the Sun"
Chairperson: Christopher Harwood [UW Stevens Point]

11:10 a.m. Session II
Faculty Session, Room A201
David Werther [UW Madison-Dept of Liberal Studies and the Arts] "John Martin Fischer on the Proper Role of Frankfurt Cases"
Chairperson: Laurence Carlin [UW Oshkosh]

Student Session, Room A202
Christine Honkavaara [Mt. Mary College] "The Inconsistency of Descartes’ Dualism"
Chairperson: Seth Huebner [Stevens Point]

12:00 p.m. Business Meeting
Room A201
Marshall Missner, Executive Secretary, WPA [UW Oshkosh]

12:10 p.m. Lunch

1:20 p.m. Session III
Faculty Session, Room A201
Russell Snell [Marquette University] "True Opinion and Moral Conversion in Plato’s Ethics"
Chairperson: Michael Nelson [UW Stevens Point]

Student Session, Room A202
Grace Meyer [UW Superior] "What’s Wrong with Rights"
Chairperson: Ryan T. O’Leary [UW Stevens Point]

2:10 p.m. Session IV
Faculty Session, Room A201
Jerry Kapus [UW Stout] "Truth and Explanation"
Chairperson: Dona Warren [UW Stevens Point]

Student Session, Room A202
Amy Glaser [UW Madison] "Accommodating the Ethical to the Descriptive"
Chairperson: Byron Gumz [UW Stevens Point]

3:00 p.m. Session V
Faculty Session, Room A201
Michael Buckley [UW Stout] "Wittgenstein’s Fact-Value Distinction"
Chairperson: Hye-Kyung Kim [UW Green Bay]

Student Session, Room A202
John Baker [UW Superior] "Looking for God in All of the Wrong Places"
Chairperson: Alexis Gibson [UW Stevens Point]

3:50 p.m. Adjournment

Editorial Committee
Donna Engelmann [Alverno College]
Richard Hudelson [UW Superior]
Ron Cordero [UW Oshkosh]