Paul J. Ansfield

Office: Clow Faculty Building Room 27
Phone: 920-424-2300

Paul received his Masters Degree from Marquette University and his Ph.D. from Purdue University. At Marquette his studies emphasized clinical psychology. While at Purdue he specialized in Experimental Psychology with associated study of physiological psychology, quantitative methods, and clinical psychology. He joined the faculty at this University after leaving Purdue. During his early tenure at UWO. He established the Laboratory for Neuropsychcology at Winnebago Hospital, developed and managed the University Statistics Laboratory and directed the Computer Center. At that time he as invited to join the staff of the Board of Regents as an assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs where he had responsibilities in curriculum, facilities management and research and development areas.

Returning to the university he resumed work in psychology. He lead the development of an Aging and Adult Life interdisciplinary minor and created and offered one of the first courses dealing with the psychology of aging. He continued to develop contemporary instruction in statistics utilizing educational technology. He developed and led the Social Science Computer Based Instruction Group. His work in educational technology was an outgrowth of instructional experiences prior to joining the Board of regents and experiences there.

Continued activity in applied information science pertaining to training, decision support systems,and project management provided an opportunity to join the Richard W. Koehn Institute for Information and Automation at its outset. He continued there as a Senior Consultant for a period of fourteen years until July of 1997. Activities at the Koehn Institute included management, consultation, application development, and instruction. He worked closely with the Institute's preprofessional staff helping to guide their training and application development work. He provided instruction in various areas of applied information science on Windows and Macintosh computing systems.

Present professional, scholarly and research interests include the application of ergonomics to computer installation and utilization, system configuration, knowledge engineering, electronic publishing on the World Wide Web, performance support systems, and educational technology applied to remote delivery and management of instruction. Dr. Ansfield consults in these and related areas of applied information technology within a variety of business, scientific, and educational environments.

Currently he chairs the Department of Psychology and teaches foundation courses in general psychology and statistics.

When not involved professionally he and his wife Sandy enjoy travel and outdoor sports. He is an avid sailboat racer and holds international, national and regional leadership positions in organizations promoting and governing the sport of competitive sailing.

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