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At the request of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Faculty and Academic Staff Senates, a task force was created in November 2009 in order to investigate the implications of a new statute permitting collective bargaining.

This website is intended to provide faculty and academic staff with information about the statute and its provisions as well as information which might assist them in weighing the possible benefits and drawbacks of initiating collective bargaining on this campus.  

It is the expressed wish of the Task Force that the information contained here be deliberated carefully by all members of our campus community.  

The information contained on these pages in no way represents a comprehensive or exhaustive analysis of the issue of collective bargaining.  It is simply intended to provide some background, suggest several different perspectives and, as a result, provide the basis for honest and open debate.

If you wish to join a discussion about the issue of collective bargaining at UW Oshkosh and are a member of the campus community, please go to Discussion.  (Please note that you will need to log in with your campus username and password).

Collective Bargaining Task Force: 

Peter Meyerson (Education), Tony Palmeri (Communications), Stephen Kercher (History), Barb Rau (Business), Dave Siemers (Political Science), and Robert Hinrichs (Communications)

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