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by Thomas, Jerry D last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:02 AM

Dr. Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas

Assistant Professor, Political Science Department


Phone:   (920) 424-0727

Office:    Sage Hall 4634

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is largely dialogical and feminist. This means I like classrooms with lots of student participation. My primary roles as a teacher are to foster an environment where students feel comfortable participating and to stimulate critical and creative thinking. As an undergrad, I learned the value of the dialogical method of learning. Everyone sat at large, round tables, so everyone was on the front row. Everyone was expected to participate, but the environment was not a high-pressured one. One thing I value most in education is the opportunity to use concepts in a discussion. Using the language of political science, law, and related fields is perhaps the most valuable way to learn.

Courses Taught

PS 105 - American Government and Politics
PS 116 Enviornmental Politics and Sustainability
PS 253 - Introduction to Law
PS/ES 261 - Environment and Society
PS 302 - Civil Liberties in the United States
PS 305 - Constitutional Law and Judicial Policy
PA 307 - Administrative Law and Procedure
PS/ES 370 - Environmental Law and Policy
PS 392 - Judicial Process in America
PS 401 - Political Analysis



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by Thomas, Jerry D last modified Sep 10, 2013 11:02 AM