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by Slagter, Tracy H last modified Jun 26, 2015 09:48 PM


Tracy Slagter

Associate Professor, Political Science Department


Phone:   (920) 424-7161

Office:    Sage Hall 4626


Teaching Philosophy

I think we can all pinpoint individuals in our lives who have fostered our sense of curiosity and encouraged our goals and achievements.  For me, one was a high school teacher who helped me publish a short story.  Another was my undergraduate adviser who encouraged me to sit in on faculty hiring decisions so I could get a taste of the career path I’d chosen.  And yet another was my dissertation adviser who took every opportunity to ensure that I was a successful and productive graduate student, and who still checks in on me to this day.  These experiences have something in common:  the learning experiences were all personal—tailored to me.  I believe that learning is intensely personal and relational:  we learn best in community with others, and with attention from those who are invested in our future.  This is why I strive to make my classrooms a place to learn among new friends, why I will encourage students to think through problems together and share discoveries, and why I spend so much time advising students on everything from research to career paths.  Learning, especially learning about the complex processes of politics, is difficult when it’s done right.  I feel that it’s a huge part of my job to not only direct student learning, but to ensure that learning is supported so that it can continue well beyond the walls of my classrooms.

Courses Taught

PS 101 – Introduction to Comparative Politics
PS 115 – Introduction to International Relations
PS 116 - Environmental Politics & Sustainability (Quest I)
PS 214 - Politics of Food (Quest III)
PS 301 – European Union Politics
PS 308 – International Law
PS 309 – West European Politics
PS 313 – Politics of Genocide
PS 373 – Modern German Politics (Study Abroad in Berlin)
PS 388 – Global Environmental Politics

PS 393 – International Organization
PS 401 – Political Analysis (Capstone)
PS XXX – African Politics


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by Slagter, Tracy H last modified Jun 26, 2015 09:48 PM