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by Mihalick, Jennifer E last modified Aug 05, 2011 03:26 PM

Chemistry 104:  Introduction to the Chemistry of Materials

This laboratory course will teach the chemistry behind materials that society depends on: 
, ceramics, and polymers.
Historic and economic impacts of their manufacture and use will be considered.
Applications of advanced materials in fields such as electronics, aviation, or art will be discussed.
This course may be combined with Chemistry 103 to form a two semester sequence.
There are no prerequisites for the course.  It does not fulfill requirements for chemistry majors. 

Spring 2011 Instructor:  Dr. Jennifer Mihalick


Chemistry References
Images Applications of Materials
Design inSite
WebElements Periodic Table
Periodic Table Live!
Periodic Table of Videos
Chemical & Engineering News
C&EN Periodic Table special issue
chemistry of ancient times

Introduction to X-Ray Diffraction
magnet design
Periodic Table table
Exploring the Nanoworld
Bragg's Law demonstration
crystal lattice structures
simulation of lattice packing
Strange Matter (middle school students)
"Chemistry in Art" virtual exhibition
The Scale of Things
AIM Manufacturing Videos
How Products Are Made

space shuttle
NASA: Thermal Protection System

properties of materials

What's That Stuff? chocolate ... marshmallows
M&M packing (campus computers)



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by Mihalick, Jennifer E last modified Aug 05, 2011 03:26 PM