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My Students

by Ledwell, Brian A last modified May 04, 2016 07:44 AM

Current Grad Students

  • Amy Miller, MS expected Dec 2016.

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Cassie Duncan, BS expected May 2017; squirrel colony intern April 2014+.
  • Elainna Jentz, BS expected May 2017.
  • Adrienne Gruber, BS expected May 2017.
  • Benito Cruz-Sanchez, BS expected May 2018.

Past UWO Graduate Students

  • Erin Jenewein, MS June 2005. Sigma Xi grant awardee 2004, 2005 UW Oshkosh Distinguished Thesis Award. ATTENDED ARVO. Nova Southeastern School of Optometry class of 2009, then Assistant Professor and KID Clinic Chief there.  Joining teaching/research faculty of Pennsylvania School of Optometry in 2015. 
  • Jenny Nemke, MS 2001. ATTENDED ARVO. UW Milwaukee Staff member.


Past Undergraduate Students

  • Zabet Kempfert, BS expected May 2017; squirrel colony intern Spring-Summer 2015.
  • David Gansen, bioengineering major at Temple University (summer scholar 2015). 
  • Tristan Greening, McNair Fellow 2014-15.  WINNER of Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award April 2015.
  • Ryan Conklin, BS May 2014.  Undergrad Collab Research Grant recipient 2013-14.
  • Ryan Bures, BS 2013.  McNair Fellow 2011-12; CO-WINNER of Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, April 2013.  Begins medical school at UW Madison Fall 2015 after scribing for a year. 
  • Ben Sajdak, BS 2013.  McNair Fellow 2011-12:CO-WINNER of Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, April 2013.  Starting 2014, PhD candidate at the new Advanced Ocular Imaging Program at the Medical College of Milwaukee.  
  • Cassie Piper, BS 2013.  CO-WINNER of Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award, April 2013. Begins MD program Fall 2014.
  • David Henson, BS 2013 from Hanover College.  REU Fellow Summer 2012. Begins MD-PhD program at University of Kentucky Fall 2014.
  • Grant O'Connell, McNair Fellow 2011-12.  Completed MS program at West Virginia University in 2012-14 with 4 publications (3 first-authored) and now pursing the PhD there. 
  • Bobbi Kolstad, Squirrel Colony Intern Spring 2012, now employed by the Wisconsin DNR.
  • Aaron Robinson, BS 2012. McNair Fellow 2010-11. Began MD program at UW Madison in Fall 2012.  Will also complete MPH at University of Minnesota.
  • Adam Robinson, McNair Fellow 2011-12.
  • Eric Exner, BS 2011.  Began MD/PhD program at Medical College of Milwaukee in Fall 2011.
  • Jose Orona, BS 2010. McNair Fellow, Chancellor's Award of Excellence.
  • Vanessa Ante (2008 McNair fellow from UWO, now in PhD program at Tennessee)
  • Michelle Jooss, BS 2010.  Squirrel colony intern 2009-10. Practicing veterinarian in Seattle, WA after graduating DVM program at UW-Madison May 2014. 
  • Minhoon Kim (voted MVP in the laboratory; brought us firmly into the era of molecular biology).
  • Jon Gesicki (began DDS program at Detroit Mercy in August 2009; now a dentist)
  • Megan Jourdan, family practice physician with MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Dembi Huya-Kouadio (2008 NSF fellow from University of Maryland)
  • Danielle Eisenschink (2007 NSF fellow from Carroll College, graduated May 2008).
  • Theresa Rytz (2007 NSF fellow from Florida Atlantic University)
  • Melissa Broger
  • Amanda Smith, BS May 2008.  Research Assistant, Yale University.
  • Angela Rodriguez, BS May 2007. (2006 NSF fellow.) UW Academic Excellence Scholar, Chancellor's Award of Excellence. ATTENDED ARVO 05/06, ARVO travel grant '05. Illinois College of Optometry class of 2011.  Practicing optometrist in Appleton, WI.
  • JJ Sager, BS May 2006. Graduated from U of Pitt Neuroscience PhD program in Summer 2012 and heading to Spain for his postdoc.  JJ did the lab's very first molecular biology!
  • Aaron Gruber, BS May 2006. ATTENDED ARVO 05/06. Sigma Xi grant awardee 2005!  Nova Southeastern School of Optometry class of 2010.  Practicing optometrist in Appleton, WI.
  • Eric Zuniga (2005 NSF fellow from College of Lake County and UW Parkside). Started DVM/MBA program at Colorado State in Fall 2008.
  • Julie Mullen, BS 2005 U Minn; Howard Hughes Medical Institute research intern Summer 2005. UW Oshkosh Accelerated Nursing program.
  • Amy Paulik, Northwestern University. Pre-medicine. Volunteer.
  • Amy Maltry, Iowa State University BS May 2005; summer volunteer for 2 years; MD from UW Madison; doing an Ophthalmology residency at the University of Iowa.
  • Lisa Burian, BS Dec 2003, Fotodyne Life Sciences.
  • N'gassa M'ssika, BS May 2004 (Med Tech). Med Tech.
  • Don Ruwan Ranatunga, BS Dec 2004 (Bio). UWO Master's degree program.
  • David Slotten, BS May 2003 (Bio), AppTec. ATTENDED ARVO.
  • Nathan Duncan, BS May 2003 (Bio). Teacher.
  • Amy Rider, BS May 2003 (Bio), MD from Medical College of Wisconsin, now doing OBGYN residency at St. Vincent's in Indianapolis.
  • Josh Koscher, BS '02 (Bio), MBA '07 UW Milwaukee, Division Administrator at UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. 
  • Blake Buchan, BS '01 (Microbio), Univ. of Iowa PhD program in Microbiology, class of 2008. ATTENDED ARVO.   Clinical fellowship at Medical College of Milwaukee.
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by Ledwell, Brian A last modified May 04, 2016 07:44 AM