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Microbiology Lab

by Greg Kleinheinz last modified Aug 26, 2011 11:32 AM

Overview of the Industrial & Environmental Microbiology Lab

What is the Industrial & Environmental Microbiology Lab?

The Industrial & Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (EML), or "MicroLab", is a facility that is active in a number of outreach, training, and research areas. The lab is primarily operated with student researchers (graduate and undergraduate) and has over 20 staff members. The laboratory is fully certified by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP) for the analysis of E.coli and total coliforms in water. We work on research projects that collaborate with regional Health Departments, small business, local industry, and individuals. We have outreach facilities located in Ashland, Eagle River, Oshkosh, and Sturgeon Bay, WI. These facilities mirror our outreach and training areas of the State. Please look through our web site to see some of the projects we are working on.

The laboratory also offers training to local businesses, and all interested parties regarding a variety of technical areas. These include, but are not limited to, food safety and handling, industrial treatment technology, occupational safety, and building/construction issues.

Research Video

Download a small video clip showing the genetic relationship of E.coli isolates recovered from a location in Door County, WI. Each group of colors in the video represent a distinct group/possible source of these microbes. 
Special thanks to Dr. Todd Sandrin and his group for their great work and to Brian Ledwell for assisting in the development of these animations.


  • Wisconsin Laboratory ID # 105-454 (Ashland Lab ID).
  • Wisconsin Laboratory ID # 105-455 (Eagle River Lab ID).
  • Wisconsin Laboratory ID # 105-445 (Oshkosh Lab ID).
  • Wisconsin Laboratory ID # 105-453 (Sturgeon Bay Lab ID).

Dr. Kleinheinz is the Facility Administrator/Director.

For additional information on current projects or capabilities contact Dr. Kleinheinz.

Apply for a position! (Download Job Application)

NOTE: If you are a student and interested in current opportunities, please stop by Dr. Kleinheinz's office at 159 Halsey Science Center or the MicroLab located in room 148 of Halsey Science Center.

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by Greg Kleinheinz last modified Aug 26, 2011 11:32 AM