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Typos in Cooksy

by Gutow, Jonathan H last modified Apr 05, 2014 06:13 PM

Typos in Cooksy's Physical Chemistry


  •  Example 3.4:  The "(110)" in the numerator of the expression for P(1,0,1,10) about 2/3 of the way down should read "(21)" which is the degeneracy of the of the J=10 state.
  • Example 3.5, last line on P. 124: One of the "+X" should be a "-X". (typo fixed in second printing)
  • Table 7.3: All the elemental specific heats except for sodium, arsenic, tantalum and uranium are wrong.  Sulfur is pretty close. (1rst printing)
  • Page 441: equation in sentence immediately below equation 12.46 is missing a factor of (-RT).  It should read as "-RTlnKeq = ΔrxnHo-TΔrxnSo".
  • Page 184: equation for P(r,t) immediately below equation 5.31 is missing (γ*t)3 inside the square root.


  • Page 88: equation 2.20 is missing an "x" on the bottom of the derivative symbol.
  • Page 89: 3rd line from the bottom of equations 2.24 is missing an "i" before the sin term.
  • Page 91: In equation 2.31 there should be a comma before the last "n".
  • Page 95: The table referred to in the section on "Degeneracy and the Three-Dimensional Box" should be Table 2.1 not Table 1.2.
  • Page 134:  The first integral in the line starting with <r> is missing a factor of r.
  • Page 359: There should not be a "+" after the "1/3!" in equation 8.11.
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by Gutow, Jonathan H last modified Apr 05, 2014 06:13 PM