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by Hammond, Angelee M last modified Feb 08, 2012 10:26 AM


James Canfield     

James Canfield

Lecturer, Political Science Department


Office:    Sage Hall 4636

Teaching Philosophy

Being prepared for class with material that is as interesting to your students as to yourself, has been my motto in my many years of teaching undergraduates.  My teaching emphasizes a lecture style but also attempts to engage students with questions and comments.  Contemporary issues and events are emphasized in my classes with lectures and readings that show the disagreement among political scientists is the norm and not the exception.  When current political events fall within a topic for a class, they are explored with an attempt to connect with the real world of politics with more structured class material.  Rapport with my students has always been of highest priority and creating an atmosphere where every student feels like they are learning a great deal in my classroom.

Courses Taught

PS 105 - Introduction to American Politics
PS 370 - Special Topics:  Political Corruption and Scandal
PS 370 - Special Topics:  Native American Politics
PS 380 - Political Parties and Interest Groups
PA 102 - Contemporary Public Issues




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by Hammond, Angelee M last modified Feb 08, 2012 10:26 AM