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by Hammond, Angelee M last modified Feb 08, 2012 10:27 AM

Research Interests

There are several research areas in American politics where I have presented papers in recent years.  The role of third parties in presidential elections is a continuing interest of mine from my dissertation to a paper on the Green Party, 2000 and beyond.  Also, I presented a paper in Washington, D. C.  (2010) comparing recent national elections in Australia and the United States. 

Current Projects

I am currently working on a study of the impact of third parties on the 2012 presidential election.  The possibility that a significant third party movement may influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election creates an atmosphere for studying third party candidates and their party organization.  My emphasis is on the incentives that motivate the cadre or activist level of these third parties and how they impact their party organization and the larger presidential elections.  The similarities and differences between third party voters and activists is also an important variable in examining third party movements.


Book:  A Case of Third Party Activism:   The George Wallace Campaign Worker and the American Independent Party.

Encyclopedia Entry:   “George C. Wallace” in The Book of Days:  Encyclopedia of Historical Figures in American Politics.




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by Hammond, Angelee M last modified Feb 08, 2012 10:27 AM