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by Barron, Elizabeth last modified Jun 09, 2015 01:43 PM

List of publications

pdf image view a copy of my CV here

Works in Progress:

Barron, E.S., C. Sthultz, D. Hurley, and A. Pringle. In press. “Names Matter: Interdisciplinary Research on Taxonomy and Nomenclature for Ecosystem Management.” Progress in Physical Geography.

Barron, E.S. In development. “Biodiversity Gets Fungal: The Creation of Epistemic Authority through Political Engagement.” Science, Technology & Human Values.

Barron, E.S. In development. “Biopolitics of the Bodyless: Metagenomics and the Remaking of Biodiversity Conservation.” Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

Barron, E.S. In development. “Institutions, policies, and fungi: the human perspective on fungal conservation and forest management.” In:The Fungal Community: It’s Organization and Role in the Ecosystem, 4th ed. Dighton, J., J.F. White Jr., and P. Oudemans, eds., London: CRC Press.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Heilmann-Clausen, J., P. Halme, E.S. Barron, L. Boddy, A. Dahlberg, G. Griffith, J. Nordén, O. Ovaskainen, C. Perini, B. Senn-Irlet. 2015. “Taking fungi into account delivers biodiversity conservation benefits.” Conservation Biology 29(1): 61-68.

Lave, R., M. Wilson, E.S. Barron, C. Biermann, M. Carey, C. Duvall, L. Johnson, K. Lane, N. McClintock, D. Munroe, R. Pain, J. Proctor, B. Rhoads, M. Robertson, J. Rossi, N. Sayre, G. Simon, M. Tadaki, and C. VanDyke. 2014. “Critical Physical Geography.” The Canadian Geographer/Le Géographe Canadien 58(1): 1-10.

Barron, E.S. and M.R. Emery. 2012. “Implications of Variation in Social-Ecological Systems for the Development of United States Fungal Management Policy.” Society and Natural Resources 25(10): 996-1011.

Barron, E.S. 2011. “The Emergence and Coalescence of Fungal Conservation Social Networks in Europe and the U.S.A.” Fungal Ecology 4(2): 124-133.

Pringle, A., E.S. Barron, K. Sartor, and J. Wares. 2011. “Fungi and the Anthropocene: Biodiversity Discovery in an Epoch of Loss.” Fungal Ecology 4(2): 121-123.

Emery, M.R. and E.S. Barron. 2010. “Using Local Ecological Knowledge to Assess Morel Decline in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region.” Economic Botany 64(3): 205-216.

Barron, E.S. and W.A. Patterson III. 2008. “Monitoring the Effects of Gypsy Moth Defoliation on Forest Stand Dynamics on Cape Cod, Massachusetts:  Sampling Intervals and Appropriate Interpretations.” Forest Ecology and Management 256: 2092-2100.

Barron, E.S. 2005. “Beyond Green Capitalism: Providing an Alternative Discourse for the Environmental Movement and Natural Resource Management.” Middle States Geographer 38: 69-76.


Book Chapters:

Barron, E.S. 2015. “Situating wild product gathering in a diverse economy: negotiating ethical interactions with natural resources.” In: Making Other Worlds Possible: Performing Diverse Economies, Roelvink, G., K. St. Martin and J.K. Gibson-Graham, eds., Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Pp. 173-193.


White Literature, commentaries, book reviews, other:

Barron, E.S. 2014. “Adjusting the Depth of Field on Stream Restoration: Observing the Rise of Neoliberal Para-Science.” Science as Culture 23(3): 369-374.

Barron, E.S., L. Drake and O. Morrow. 2014. “Introduction to the [book] symposium” On: Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide for Transforming Our Communities, by: Gibson-Graham, J.K., J. Cameron and S. Healy. Social & Cultural Geography, DOI: 10.1080/14649365.2014.916981

Barron, E.S. 29 July 2013. “DNA: It’s not just for life anymore.” Published online at:

Money, Nicholas. 2011. Mushroom [book review]. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Inoculum 63(2): 23-24.

Barron, E.S. and M.R. Emery. 2009. “Protecting Resources: Assessing Visitor Harvesting of Wild Morels in Two NCR Parks.” Natural Resources Technical Report NPS/NCR/NCRO/NRTR – 002/2009. Washington, DC.

Barron, E.S. and W.A. Patterson III. 2003. Fire Management Plan for Narragansett Tribe of Charlestown, RI.  Government report. Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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by Barron, Elizabeth last modified Jun 09, 2015 01:43 PM