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Study Aids

by Barnhill, David L. last modified Feb 13, 2015 02:58 PM

Here are various Study Aids that will help your understanding of Japanese nature poetry. In all cases the author is David Barnhill.

For a list of articles from here and e-reserve with their proper bibliographic information, click here.

Introductory Material 

"Nature" - More Complicated Than You Think: PowerPoint, Outline

Major Western Views of Nature: PowerPoint, pdf

Asian Religions: PowerPoint, Outline

A Ridiculously Brief History of Buddhism in East Asia (webpage)

Buddhism: East Asian (from The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature)

Buddhism: Major Doctrines: PowerPoint, Outline

Paradoxes in Buddhism (webpage)

Nature: An East Asian View: PowerPoint

Chinese Views of Nature and Art: PowerPoint, Outline

Aesthetics and Nature in China (from The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature)

Seasonality of Nature: PowerPoint, Outline

On Japanese Religion and Classical Japanese Literature

Japanese History: Early and Heian

Japanese History: Medieval and Tokugawa


Yugen and the Poetics of the Shinkokinshu Period.

Aesthetics and Nature in Japan (from The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature)

Selected Court Poetry with Multiple Translations

Sorrow and Blossoms: The Poetry of Saigyo

Selected Poems by Saigyo with Multiple Translations


Ways of Experiencing Nature in the Moment

On Matsuo Basho

Glossary of Terms Relevant to Haiku

Matsuo Basho: A Biography

Basho's Hokku

Selected Hokku by Basho with Multiple Translations

Basho's Hokku in Japanese (complete)

Major Nature Images in Basho's Hokku, Alphabetical

Major Nature Images in Basho's Hokku, by Season

Moments, Seasons, and Mysticism: The Complexity of Time in Basho's Haiku

The Poetics of the Basho School

Selections from the Treatises of the Basho School

Western Writers on Direct Perception & Western Writers on Spontaneity in Writing 

The Journals of Matsuo Basho  

Ten translations of the opening of The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Barnhill interview with Robert D. Wilson, Simply Haiku

On Kawabata & Snow Country

The Narrative Outline of Snow Country

Partial index to Snow Country

The theme of an "Other World" in Snow Country 

Selections from Japan, The Beautiful, and Myself

Selected quotations by scholars on Kawabata 

Secondary sources on:
* Narrative Mode
* Imagery & Symbolism
* Unreality
* Wasted Effort
* Nature
* Nature and Humans
* Komako Yoko & Shimamura
* Beauty
* Clean and Pure
* Climactic Fire Scene at the End of the Novel

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by Barnhill, David L. last modified Feb 13, 2015 02:58 PM