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Mechanical Shop

The Mechanical Shop consists of 16 highly skilled craftsmen and maintenance mechanics. The Electrical Department is very diverse, being able to provide the skills needed for troubleshooting and repairs along with strong abilities for small construction or remodeling. Look for the Plumbing Department to keep water flowing and drains clear as they take on the challenges that most of us take for granted.

Last, but certainly not least, the steamfitters team up with the building maintenance mechanics to deliver comfort to the buildings and the people who occupy them. We look forward to new challenges in the future and will continue to deliver the services you have come to expect.

Rick Vandrisse

Rick Vandrisse

Crafts Supervisor - Mechanical

Telephone: (920) 424-3466


Fax: (920) 424-0259


Maintenance Mechanics

Lee Luring, Terry Anderson, Brian Schneider, Jeff Frank, George Helbing


Electrical Shop

Tom Giessen, Jeff Dunlap, Bob Olson, Ron Neuman


Plumbers and Steamfitters

Plumbing Shop

Jim Brightman, Craig Demler, Pat Fannin, Tim Merril, Jim Zellner

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