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Taylor Moret

“Being exposed to so many things will really set you apart from the rest,” Taylor Moret said about the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Interactive Web Management (IWM) major.

Moret said because the background the IWM major has provided her with—marketing, Web design, journalism, communications and information systems—she feels prepared to go out in the work force.

She is senior IWM major and an organizational communications and radio tv film (RTF) minor from Prairie Du Chien.

Moret said what she enjoys most about the IWM major are the choices you have after graduation because of the many facets it offers.

“You can go the marketing route, or the IT route—or you can stay in the middle if you’re not sure,” she said. “It gives you that full circle of many different opportunities.”

She said she personally prefers the journalism facet of the major because writing is important in any profession.

“Whether you’re a computer science major or an art major, everybody needs to know how to write and communicate with others,” Moret said. “Especially in the IWM major, when you have all those different facets and all the different directions you can go in your career, communicating across the board is an important skill to have.”

Moret said she started as a RTF major but after hearing her roommate’s experience as a IWM major, she contemplated changing her major.

“I researched the courses and it seemed very interesting,” she said. “After I thought about it a lot, I changed my major and I’m happy I did.”

She recently received the opportunity to attend the General Electric (GE) Girls Get Tech event in Waukesha through the IWM major.

She said the experience was great and what she took most from the event was the chance to network.

“To get that sense of what’s out there and learn about the opportunities you may have is all about getting your foot in the door and building your network,” she said.

This summer Moret plans to intern at Society Insurance in Fond du Lac as the sales and marketing intern.

Written by Shakura Salahaladyn, Integrated Marketing Communications STEP student.