Mikaela Higgins

“If I were to go back in time, I would pick UW Oshkosh again and again.”

These are the words of alumna Mikaela Higgins ‘15, of Horicon, who majored in radio-TV-film (RTF) with a minor in communication studies while studying at UW Oshkosh.

Higgins accepted a full-time position with the Green Bay Packers in the sales and business development department as assistant premium seating coordinator upon her graduation. In her role, Higgins works to ensure a great experience for all clients at Lambeau Field.

A Packers fan at heart, Higgins said going to work everyday at Lambeau Field is a dream come true.

“Sometimes, it still doesn’t feel real—especially when I walk out of the tunnel on game days and hear the roar of the fans,” she said.  “It’s an amazing opportunity for me and a great position right out of college.”

Higgins said the education she received at UW Oshkosh is something she constantly brags about.  

“My degree has helped me in more ways than I can count—and I owe all of that to my professors,” she said. “They each mean so much to me and I still stay in contact with them. I was given so many opportunities at UW Oshkosh—ones that I wouldn’t have had if I had gone elsewhere.”

Higgins was WRST’s—the student managed radio station—student station manager her senior year and had also served as the station’s promotions director. She also had a professional internship with Time Warner Cable Sports in Appleton and a paid position with the Fox Television program Bullseye! in Los Angeles.

Higgins said her senior year of college was the best year of her life.

“I built up my network with UWO RTF alumni and was heavily involved in student organizations outside of my classes,” she said.  “The radio-TV-film program at UWO is amazing—the best of its kind.”

While at UW Oshkosh, Higgins passed the Radio Marketing Professional certification course and her work at Titan TV on the program Explore Oshkosh was honored with a first place award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. Higgins said the Radio Marketing Professional certification helped her secure her current position.

“Sales experience is always a plus,” she said.  “I encourage everyone to have some sales experience. It looks great on my resume and definitely helped me in getting my current job.”

Higgins said working with the Packers alumni players is her favorite part of the job.

“Seeing the alumni come back and getting to know them has been very special for me,” she said. “Also seeing how the fans react to meeting the retired players has been very rewarding. The Packers have a very special relationship with their fans and community.”

Higgins leaves a bit of advice to current UW Oshkosh undergraduate students: “As Aaron Rodgers would say, ‘relax.’ I always stressed myself out over little things and that isn’t good for anyone. It is true that college years are some of the best years of your life so work hard, but don’t work your years away. Enjoy them!”

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