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Jessica Meidl

Jessica Meidl is senior Interactive Web Management (IWM) major and president of the IWM club at UW Oshkosh.

Meidl said she chose the IWM major because she wanted to pursue something that will set her apart when she enters the workforce.

“I definitely think having that background of computer science and journalism and being able to write well is incredibly important,” she said. “To have that overall background of technology is really important.”

She said participating in the IWM club, and now being club president has given her many opportunities.

“The Interactive Web Management club is way for employers to look for students who have that tech, business, computer science and journalism background—and they come and talk to the club about open positions and their own career paths and experiences,” she said.

Meidl said she has been offered many interviews because of the distinctiveness of the IWM major, as well as actively participating in the club meetings.

“I don’t think people realize how important it is to network and meet new people in the field,” she said. “The IWM club is how I got my internship.”

As the digital marketing intern at Stellar Blue Technologies, she said she has received real experiences in keyword research, social media plans and analytics research and now she knows how important it is to have a technology based background.

“As a digital marketer, to have that tech background is extremely important,” she said. “Because of the major, I know how to do SEO and keyword research, which my major prepared me for.”

Meidl said the Interactive Web Management program offers many ways to get involved.

“This is where marketing is headed,” she said. “IWM has it all lined up for you. ”

Written by Shakura Salahaladyn, Integrated Marketing Communications STEP student.