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Choua Lor

Applicable and scalable are the two major ideas that University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumna Choua Lor, of Oshkosh, uses to describe how what she learned from her courses at UWO applies to her work.

Lor graduated from UWO in December 2014 as a dual major in information systems with an emphasis in computer science and interactive web management.

There were two professors in particular who Lor said were helpful in her learning–Michael Eierman and Jakob Iversen. She said both showed they cared about her future and they regularly check in with students about their progress and how they are doing.

“They get you to see the bigger picture than what you’re seeing, because when you are in school, you’re so focused on classes, homework and projects,” Lor said. “They help guide you, so you can look more toward the future.”

The project management course taught by Eierman was a class that Lor did not think she needed. But it ended up being one of the most helpful during her time at UW Oshkosh. She said she knew she did not want to be a project manager, but the skills she learned about how to manage her time are applicable and scalable to the working world, whether it’s managing your own time or working on a group project.

“All the classes you take really give you the basic foundation to build your work experience on top of, so without that foundation, you wouldn’t be able to understand what you’re doing in the workplace,” Lor said.

Through the career fair held at UWO, Lor said she got an internship at Oshkosh Corporation–and they hired her on after graduation. In her role, she supports their website by working with Microsoft SharePoint.

Lor said her advice to current students is to pay attention in class and try to understand the material. She said once students get to the workplace, they will have to learn the culture there, but the things learned in class will be helpful along the way.

“You apply a lot of what you learn, whether you do it knowingly or just intuitively, you apply a lot of it in the real world,” Lor said.