Aaron Jackson

Aaron Jackson is a man of many talents with not much time to spare.

Born in Green Bay and raised in Chicago, Jackson will soon earn an undergraduate degree in sociology, psychology and criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

As president of the Black Student Union and Alpha Kappa Delta and a member of Omega Delta Phi, HOPE (Helping Others Perceive Equality), Student Veterans Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Big Brothers Big Sisters, AmeriCorps, Criminal Justice Association, Student Organization of Latinos and the Non-Traditional Student Organization, Jackson values giving back to the community.

Jackson’s upbringing reinforced his passion to be active throughout the community. He said his mother encouraged the notion of setting goals and eventually accomplishing them.

“My goals throughout my entire life have always been to be the best father I can be and the best husband I can be,” Jackson said. “It’s not my past that motivates me, it’s my future.”

After earning his undergraduate degree, Jackson plans to further his education by pursing a Ph.D. in military sociology.

Jackson said he wants to understand policy and how the military uses sociology to sort society into a structure that limits crime and inequalities throughout civilization.

“I want to use the military structure and apply it to our society—to better benefit society as whole,” he said.

Jackson’s interests derives from his experience in the military. After returning to civilian life, he noticed the lack of respect among civilians. He said in the military society, “you must earn your respect.”

“If I can simulate some of these concepts in society then society itself would be better,” Jackson said. “If people learned how to earn respect, then they’ll know how to give it.”

If Jackson could give his freshman year self some advice, it would be: “push harder.” He also said he would tell himself to study abroad.

“I saw amazing things when I was deployed,” he said. “I’ve broken down many stereotypes especially in the Middle East, therefore I say studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to see different cultures and I encourage anyone to take advantage of such opportunities.”

Jackson leaves students with a bit of advice:

 “Get outside yourself. College is not all about you. Not doing so will cause you to remain ignorant. If you’re ignorant in college then that’s your fault if you leave college without becoming a well-rounded person because you chose not to. So get outside yourself, experience and learn about other cultures other than your own.”

Written by Shakura Salahaladyn, Integrated Marketing Communications STEP student.