Dominic Chiantello

Dominic Chiantello has his eyes on his future.

Chiantello, who is a senior studying kinesiology with an emphasis on exercise and fitness, said he chose the major at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh his sophomore year because he heard it provided a smooth transition into graduate school, which he plans on attending in the near future.

“I would have to say the professors are my favorite part about the program here,” Chiantello said. “Dr. Mrotek is really on top of her game with just about everything in the department so I’ve come to her with a lot of questions.”

Chiantello is the speaker’s chair on the executive board of the Kinesiology Club. He brings in guest speakers involved in the field and recently organized a tour of the physical therapy department at UW-Madison.

After he finishes all of his schooling, Chiantello said he would ultimately like to become a neurologic physical therapist, helping individuals who have mobility problems caused by a stroke or other nervous system disorders.

“I love athletics, and it seems that’s what most students are interested in, but I think it would get boring dealing with the same types of injuries,” he said. “Neurologic therapy is just more of my passion.”

Written by Jake Batterman, Integrated Marketing and Communications STEP student.