Aza Muzorewa

During his sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, senior and Student Leadership and Involvement Center consultant Aza Muzorewa received the news that his mom had died after she was diagnosed with cancer.

After his mother passed away, Muzorewa said the students on his floor were there to support and help him.

“Everyone else on the floor was there for me—just a shoulder to cry on if I needed to or someone to just hang out with,” Muzorewa said. “I was blessed with the opportunity to live on a floor where I think we all just really bonded.”

When it comes to staying motivated, Muzorewa said he reminds himself of why he is at UW Oshkosh and also looks to his mother for motivation.

“Staying grounded, staying focused and not losing sight of what I’m here to do definitely keeps me motivated,” Muzorewa said. “I know she would want me to make a better life for myself because I know she wanted the best for me.”

As a radio-TV-film major with an emphasis in communication, Muzorewa said he hopes to eventually work his way up in the television industry.

“I think my dream job would be to do a Mike & Mike thing on ESPN,” Muzorewa said. “I’d love to be on Saturday Night Live or to have Steve Harvey’s job on Family Feud—those are a few more ambitious dreams.”

Muzorewa said attending UW Oshkosh is more than just receiving an education. He said it’s also about making friendships, connections and adapting to the real world.

“When you come to college I think the big focus is not just on your schoolwork—this is the beginning of the rest of your life,” Muzorewa said.

Muzorewa said he is currently searching for internships as well as considering attending graduate school. No matter where he ends up in the future, he said the connections he has made at UW Oshkosh will last for years to come.

“I know that no matter where I go in life that I’ll always have these people to fall back on,” Muzorewa said. “I can call these people my friends and some of them my brothers and sisters that I never had—I’m really blessed to do that.”

Written by Daniel Kobin, Integrated Marketing Communications STEP student.