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Jeff Potts

Jeff Potts, executive director for Habitat for Humanity of Oshkosh, lives and breathes Oshkosh, and now, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumnus Potts, ’07, is pursuing an MBA through the accelerated, 16-month executive path.

“I’m by no means a traditional student here,” Potts said. “I came here in the mid-90s as a transfer student my sophomore year, I never finished my undergraduate degree, so I went back to school as a nontraditional student to get my undergrad and here seven years later I’m jumping back in this EMBA format, which is anything but traditional.”

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program path at UW Oshkosh offers students an accelerated format to earning an MBA.

“It is designed for the more seasoned professional looking for a program that does not take time away from work during the week. Students begin in September and will have earned their MBA by the following December,” Abbey Kruse, EMBA adviser, said. “It is a cohort-based format, so students become very close within their cohort as they share the experience. It is the ideal setting for enhanced networking.”

For Potts, the cohort format of the program, which ranges from 12–30 people in size, allows him to not only learn with his classmates, but also from them. The group travels together through the whole program—meeting nearly every Saturday for 16 months. The program also includes a study abroad opportunity. Potts’ class will travel to China and South Korea.

“I essentially have a dozen extra close friends and cohorts—we can share in both the highs and lows of this process,” Potts said. “I think that whole camaraderie and aspect of teamwork really makes it an attractive option.”

Admission into the EMBA path is based on professional and management experience—both of which Potts has—as well as community engagement.

“Jeff is a great fit for the Executive MBA because of his diverse professional background,” Kruse said. “Jeff is also very involved in the community. We look for students who have a well-rounded background not only in their profession but also in the community. The Executive MBA is not only developing MBAs but also promotes growth within our community.”

For Potts, pursuing and MBA is about being a better leader and a better Oshkosh community member.

“The biggest thing I hope is to do better at my job, learn new skill sets that are going to help me do better professionally, give back to my employer and on the biggest level—to continue engaging in the community,” Potts said. “The MBA program is going to teach me to be a better me, to be a better employee, but also to be a better community member and work hard and have the expertise to ensure that Oshkosh’s future is as bright as mine will be with the extra education.”

The Executive MBA program path is one of 30 master’s degree and certificate program options available at UW Oshkosh.

“An advanced degree is always something I’ve been interested in and living here in Oshkosh and working here in Oshkosh, it just makes sense to take advantage of the fact that we have a university here with a great, accredited program,” Potts said.