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Eric Hiatt

Eric Hiatt, geology professor, was the recipient of the  2013 Curwood Inc. Endowed Professorship during the 2013 Opening Day ceremony at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Endowed professorships are awarded to faculty members who demonstrate outstanding research and engagement in community service. Funded by local sponsors, the awards support research projects and professional development for a four-year term.

Hiatt is an accomplished scholar, excellent teacher and outstanding ambassador of UW Oshkosh. He is an internationally recognized researcher with dozens of published research papers, many with student co-authors, in major international peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has co-authored many abstracts at national and international conferences, taught international professional short courses and has advised government officials in Australia and South America on matters of natural resources. Because the origin and nature of energy resources, aspects of global climate change and evolution of life on Earth are all vitally important — perhaps today more than ever — Hiatt believes geoscientists have a special responsibility to convey accurate information to the public and include key information regarding natural resources in courses. He uses innovative teaching methods and people from all over the world download his physical geology lecture podcasts. He teaches field-based courses in Bermuda and the Florida Keys that deal with modern environments, oceanography, geology and environmental impacts. Hiatt is an associate editor for the Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, an adjunct professor at both Queen’s and Acadia universities in Canada and has an outstanding record of service to the community, University, national and international academic communities.

Hiatt earned his bachelor’s degree in geology from Indiana University–Purdue University at Indianapolis and his doctoral degree in geology from the University of Colorado.

To read more about the Opening Day award recipients, visit UW Oshkosh Today.