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Cynthia Fruhwirth

Cynthia Fruhwirth, assistant director of academic advising, Undergraduate Advising Resource Center, was the recipient of an Outstanding Service Award at the 2013 Opening Day ceremony.

UW Oshkosh has many nonteaching faculty and academic staff members whose contributions enhance the University’s overall academic environment and support our educational goals. The Outstanding Service Award recognizes excellence of service that touches each member of the University community.

With the University for more than 16 years, Cindy Fruhwirth is dedicated to student success. Most notably, Fruhwirth put UW Oshkosh on the map with the top-notch Peer Advising Liaisons (PALs) program, which she created and grew. The PALs program provides walk-in support and answers to questions about general education, degrees, campus policies and more for students by students. The success of the program led to her election as the national Academic Advising Association’s Peer Advising Commission Chair. Additionally, Fruhwirth has worked extensively with her team of pre-business advisers and the College of Business to build strong relationships and improve the student experience. Fruhwirth has served on the Senate of Academic Staff’s executive board, on the team responsible for developing and implementing the Titan Transfer Center and on several other campus-wide committees.

Fruhwirth earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing and commercial art from UW Oshkosh.

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