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Europe as a region has had a strong influence on the rest of the world for centuries, whether through culture or politics, and continues to be a major player on the global stage today. The goal of the European Studies Minor is to enable students, regardless of their major, to gain an understanding of the forces that have created contemporary Europe and the ways that Europe continues to shape the world. Knowledge of European history, geography, politics and culture is essential to succeed in many careers.

The European Studies Minor is one of four regional minors offered by the International Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.  The Minor allows students to develop expertise in European Studies as a supplement to their regular disciplinary major(s). The Minor consists of a series of classes that examine the languages, cultures, religions, history, geography, politics, art and music of Europe.

Who should declare a Minor in European Studies?

  • Students interested in European history, art, culture and politics
  • Students who want to study or work in Europe or have already spent some time in Europe
  • Students preparing for careers in international politics, international business, foreign service, or teaching
  • Students who wish to demonstrate regional expertise to employers or graduate schools

Malta Trees and See Malta City

Amsterdam Bridge Berlin Building

Lithuania Boats Riga Building

Tallinn Thueringen

Vienna Wartburg

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