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Students in the European Studies Minor are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the numerous study abroad opportunities in Europe offered by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Below is a selection of some of the study abroad programs offered by the faculty involved in the European Studies Minor. For more information about these and other programs please go to the website of the Office of International Education at


Foreign Language Study Abroad


For study abroad offerings in the foreign languages, please follow the links below:




European Odyssey


European Odyssey    Handball


Reichstag    Mosque


The European Odyssey study abroad program provides 20-25 students with the opportunity to spend an entire semester residing in Europe while progressing through five areas of academic study. Each class, taught by UW Oshkosh professors, is a balanced blend of classroom and on site lectures, discussions, site visitations, written assignments and exams. On weekends, students have opportunities to explore their environments on their own. Past programs included mini-residencies in Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Florence, Paris, Edinburgh and London. From 1 to 3 weeks each, these short stays allow students time to "settle in" and savor the sights and sounds of their various settings. Numerous day trips to selected locations and sites augment and enhance the program's academic emphasis.


Past Faculty: John Minniear, Heike Alberts, Monika Hohbein-Deegen, Kim Rivers

For information please contact Franca Barricelli (


Spring Interim in Rome


         Franca 1             Franca 3
            Franca 2                       Franca 4

Learn to appreciate and explore the art and culture of this city as Dr. Franca Barricelli and faculty from the University of New Brunswick guide you through the layers of history. Let the museums, churches, archaeological sites and Rome itself be your classroom!

Rome is a city of layers, both physically and historically. As you stroll through the centre of this important world city, you can't help but notice that the structures of ancient Rome, Renaissance and Baroque Rome and modern Rome are intertwined, just as each period in the history of this city has had profound influences on the very different periods which follow.            


Faculty: Franca Barricelli



Estonia, Russia and Eastern Europe in the 20th Century

Bronze Horseman 2009


In 2009, we spent three weeks in Russia and Estonia.  We took classes at St. Petersburg University and Tartu University.  We visited five major cities in the region.

This trip will be a fantastic opportunity to experience the opulence of Imperial St. Petersburg, the Medieval traditions of Estonia, and the legacy of the Soviet Union. 


 Faculty: Karl Loewenstein

Photos from 2009

Information from the 2009 trip:




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