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Students in the European Studies Minor are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the numerous study abroad opportunities offered by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Below is a list of  faculty-led programs offered in Europe. For more information about these and other programs please go to the website of the Office of International Education at


Please note that while most of the courses offered on these programs do not automatically count towards the European Studies Minor, you can talk to the European Studies coordinator to ask about curriculum modifications.


Study Abroad Programs Offered by European Studies Faculty


20th Century Eastern Europe and the Holocaust, Poland and Lithuania

Courses: History 333 and 336



Spring Interim in Rome, Italy      

 Course: History



European Odyssey    Handball


Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs in Europe


University Honors Program, England      

Course: Honors 275



Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, France and England

Course: Criminal Justice 375



Culture and Communication, Greece, Turkey, and Italy

Course: Communication 405



Culture and Style, England and Italy               

Courses: Theatre 202 and 463



Essentials of Operations of Management, Ireland

Courses: Business 494, 694, 740



European Business Travel Seminar

Courses: Business 494, 694



Traveling Through Literary and Artistic England, United Kingdom

Courses: English 350/550 or 357/557



Politics and Political History in Great Britain, England, Scotland   

Courses: Political Science 212 and 312



Quest III Literary Landscapes, Ireland    

Courses: USP Quest III English 294 and 225



Society and Culture, Greece, England

Course: Liberal Studies 331



Summer in England & Scotland 

Courses: Economic 409, 427



Viessmann Academy - Student Seminar on Sustainability,  Germany

Courses: Business 494, Geography 399



Viessmann Internship in Germany, Germany

Courses: Business 494 and 492 or Interdiscp 399



Reichstag    Mosque


Other Study Abroad Opportunities in Europe


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh offers a number of other study abroad opportunities in cooperation with European institutions in Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. For information about these programs, please contact:



         Franca 1             Franca 3

Foreign Language Study Abroad


For study abroad offerings in the foreign languages, please follow the links below:




            Franca 2                       Franca 4




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