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12 Days in Rome

Except for one day of pouring rain, we had wonderful weather during our 12 days in Rome. Everyone was happy about the warm temperatures after several weeks of cold weather and had a great time in the "eternal city". We did lots of activities: we spent several afternoons exploring ancient Roman sites such as the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Forum Romanum and Ostia Antica, learned about Baroque planning on a walking tour, hung out in the beautiful parks, almost got lost in the catacombs (just kidding, of course), visited St. Peter's and looked at huge numbers of paintings, mosaics and sculptures. We also enjoyed lots of pasta, pizza and gelato.


Spanish Steps   Piazza del Popolo   View from Pincio 
Spanish Steps   Piazza del Popolo   View from Pincio
Palatine Hill   Colosseum   Roman Forum
Palatine Hill   Group Photo Colosseum   Forum Romanum
Trevi Fountain   St. Peter's   View from Gianicolo
Trevi Fountain    St. Peter's   View from Gianicolo
Vatican Museum   Mosaic   St. Peter's Inside
Inside the Vatican Museums   Mosaic in the  Vatican   Inside st. Peter's
  Mosaic 2
  Ostia Antica
Amphitheater   Mosaic   Ostia Antica



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