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Our last Odyssey city in 2013 was Berlin. During the first week we finished up the European Geography course. We explored the city on several walking tours, on which we saw many of the famous historical sites as well as some interesting modern architecture. We also visited several museums, such as the Pergamon Museum, Egyptian Museum and German Museum of Technology. One of the highlights was the Fuechse Berlin handball game--the Fuechse now have 24 more fans!

The last Odyssey course is about Germany's post-war history. Obviously there is no better places for a course like this than Berlin! We learned about the end of World War II, the division of Germany by the Allies, the construction of the Berlin Wall, escape attempts, etc. through class as well as visits to the sites where these events took place such as Cecilienhof Palace, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate, and the various Wall Memorials.

Charlottenburg   Duck Photos
  Olympic Stadium
Charlottenburg Palace   Mandarin Duck Photo Competition   Olympic Stadium
  Sans Souci
  American Sector
Cecilienhof Palace   Sans Souci Palace   Famous Sign
Berlin Wall
  Watch Tower
  Bernauer Strasse
At the Berlin Wall   Wall Memorial   Bernauer Strasse
Berlin Dome
  French Dome
Berlin Dome   The Wall   French Dome
Potsdamer Platz
  Federal Ribbon
Potsdamer Platz   Federal Ribbon   Reichstag

Daytrip to Leipzig and Wittenberg

  Nicolai Church
Leipzig   Nicolai Church   Wittenberg
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