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Courses After Study Abroad

While away, don't forget to register for the UW Oshkosh courses you plan to take upon return as soon as your enrollment period opens. Wisconsin law protects student information from being shared with other persons. This means that course registration must be done by you, unless you arrange in advance for someone else to register for you. Know your registration date before you leave! 

Talk to your academic advisor about registering for courses from abroad before you leave so that you have someone to contact who understands your situation if problems arise. It's helpful if your advisor knows where you are going, when you will be gone and what courses you will be transferring back to UW Oshkosh. 

Please Note: TitanWeb is down every night - perhaps the middle of the day where you are. 


UW Oshkosh Interim 

If you return from abroad in time for UW Oshkosh interim courses, it is important to note that although you may take a UW Oshkosh interim course, you will pay additional tuition for the credits earned over the interim period. This is because on exchange programs each student pays tuition to his/her home institution ON BEHALF OF AN INCOMING STUDENT FROM THE HOST COUNTRY. 

In return, students coming to UW Oshkosh from abroad pay tuition for you. Therefore, the tuition you pay will cover your exchange partner's tuition and fees during the regular semester and interim; it will not cover your tuition and fees during the regular semester or during interim at UW Oshkosh. 

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