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Step Six: Applying for Licensure

To apply for a teaching license, either a first time license or an add-on license, please follow these simple directions:

1.  Ensure that all your prerequisite courses are completed and that your student teaching grades have been submitted by your supervisor.
2.  Go to the DPI web site:
3.  Click on "Application Forms."
4.  Carefully read the general directions provided before you begin.
5.  Print Form  PI 1602-IS.
   DO NOT print it back-to-back.
6.  The Conduct and Competency Review page must be notarized.
7.  If you require fingerprint cards please read the instructions carefully.  Electronic submission may be an option for you.  Be aware that fingerprint cards are no longer valid six months after the date they were taken.
8.  Provide the completed application with a $100 remittance (credit card or check made out to the DPI) to:
Dr. Frederick Yeo, Dean
N/E 121
College of Education and Human Services
800 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh, WI    54901
9.  I will collaborate with the respective credit examiner or program coordinator on your license eligibility.  When their endorsement is provided, I certify the application with my signature and send it to the DPI.
   Please be aware that NO license can be processed until all student teaching assignments/forms/portfolios are received and student teaching grades are entered in PeopleSoft.  This usually occurs about 10 days after the end of a 17-week semester.
10.  After the license leaves my office, it will take between 8-10 weeks for it to be confirmed on the DPI web site. You can check the status of your application by clicking on License Look-up using the URL listed in #2 above.

 Once the application is noted as “received” on this site, you will be mailed your license in the time indicated on the link.  Remember that the processing time can be as long as three months from the time it leaves your hands, depending upon the volume of requests, so plan accordingly.
If you want a Verification of Program Completion form to provide to a potential or current employer to validate that your teaching license is being processed, please let us know by way of a note on the application.  Also tell me where you would like the verification form sent.

Congratulations on your accomplishment!

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