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Off-Campus Programs

Want to gain broader experience and additional skills? Supplement your studies at UW Oshkosh with field studies and semester programs at other institutions.

There are many fascinating field studies opportunites sponsored by organizations within the U.S. and abroad. There are also one and two semester environmental programs that are academically focused. Consider these as an enrichment experience during summer or during fall or spring semester.

Aula Global Biological Reserve Tropical Studies

The Global Classroom and Aula Global internship project connects university students with some of the wildest, unspoiled tropical forests left in Costa Rica. Aula Global reserve is not open to the general public so human activity within the reserve is at a minimum, allowing students the unique opportunity to study unencumbered by tourist activity and restrictions placed upon many researchers studying in public reserves. Learn more.

Audubon Expedition Institute (AEI)

AEI immerses students into the issues behind textbooks and the media through direct experience. zStudents are asked to challenge their intellect and assumptions through real life experiences. While our students learn about subjects such as biodiversity, geology and natural history, they also learn first hand about issues such as environmental justice, sustainable economics, conflict resolution, ethics and environmental psychology.

Big Cat Research Project

This is an opportunity to travel to Africa with Colin Garland; large cat specialist, wildlife photographer/film maker, and guest speaker at Binghamton University, SUNY ESF, and other universities in India, Africa, and Central America. Colin has been studying cats globally for 25 years with the last 15 years focusing in southern Africa. As a participant in this project, you will be learning about these amazing animals in the world famous Kruger game park, which spans over 7,000 sq miles.  You will be collecting data, observing cat behavior, and filming and photographing these incredible predators in their natural habitat. This trip is open to all those who would like to gain experience in field observation, animal behavior research, and conservation photography/ videography. Learn more.

Community Outreach, Baja California, Mexico

For many years the Global Classroom has been providing life-changing experiences for both interns and local people living in remote villages of Baja, Mexico. Words cannot convey the deep connection and life changing moments that occur when you live with a rural family in one of the remote tranquil fishing villages of Baja California. Since 1991, The Global Classroom has been dedicated to delivering thousands of pounds of medical /school / educational supplies to tiny villages damaged from hurricanes or simply too far away for the government to reach. Interns are needed to share their time and skills with local children teaching things like conversational English, physical education, and art in rural schools. Volunteers have also helped us construct life saving waterless composting toilets, assisted with basic first aid training, repaired houses and roads, and joined forces to participate in huge beach clean ups. No previous training or Spanish is needed to be a volunteer in these villages, just an open adventurous spirit. Learn more.

CREA Summer Course in Panama: Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development

Panama has one of the highest rates of economic development in Latin America yet suffers from one of the world¹s highest rates of tropical deforestation and financial inequality among its citizens. This program is intended to provide students with exposure to the multidisciplinary problem's and solutions in the area of conservation and development, and offers the opportunity to combine interdisciplinary course work with field experience and independent research. Students will experience and learn about several tropical habitats including:  dry lowland rainforest; humid lowland rainforest; mangrove ecosystems on both Pacific and Caribbean coasts; and watershed ecosystems of the Panama Canal. Students will undertake a field project during the final stages of the course. Learn more.

EcoQuest Study Abroad Program

In partnership with the University of New Hampshire Department of Natural Resources, EcoQuest New Zealand is offering a study abroad program of intensive, applied field studies in ecology, resource management and environmental policy. We welcome applications from eligible students at accredited colleges and universities worldwide. Our mission is to provide committed students and scientists, resource managers and resource users with a comprehensive education in ecology, biology, conservation and sustainable management of land and sea. We take a proactive and impartial third party role in resolving questions with regard to the use, custodianship and sustainability of the country's natural resources.

Grand Canyon Semester

This is an outstanding semester (fall or spring) program that is offered by Northern Arizona University. The program is interdisciplinary and experiential. It is academically rigorous but highly enjoyable. Each student completes 18 semester credit hours of advanced work, including an undergraduate research course. Courses are taught cooperatively, with faculty involved in every academic and social activity, and will average about twenty students per instructor.

Greenpeace Semester

The Greenpeace Semester is an environmental leadership training for college students. The program combines classroom style-learning with hands-on work to teach grassroots organizing, strategic campaigning and the principles of non-violent direct action. We've trained nearly 350 students in the past six years, many of whom continue to purse organizing, advocacy or policy work as professional staff at Greenpeace or similar organizations.  The Greenpeace Semester offers sessions year-round, with twelve-week terms in the spring and fall, and two shorter terms in the summer (five weeks). 2012 enrollment is almost over, but we are still accepting applications on a rolling basis for the Summer 1 session (May 21 - June 22) and Fall 2012 (Sept. 17 - Dec. 16). Greenpeace has a number of scholarships available for students with demonstrated financial need who are committed to protecting the environment; more information on scholarships can be found here. (posted 4/12/12)

Institute for Social Ecology

The mission of the Institute for Social Ecology (ISE) is the creation of educational experiences that enhance people's understanding of their relationship to the natural world and each other. By necessity, this involves the ISE in programs that deepen students' awareness of self and others, help them to think critically, and expand their perception of the creative potentialities for human action. The purpose of the ISE's programs is the preparation of well-rounded students who can work effectively as participants in the process of ecological reconstruction. Offering year-round, interdisciplinary studies to guide social change, including: intensive summer programs in theory and practice; year-round B.A. degree in affiliation with Burlington College; fall, winter, and spring workshops and lectures; and other educational resources.

International Honors Program

The International Honors Program, founded as the International School of America in 1958 by Karl Jaeger, gives students an unequaled opportunity to study overseas in multiple countries for a semester or a year. The global itinerary of each Program involves comparative study in several contrasting societies. IHP is unique in terms of both its intellectual content and its challenge for motivation and self-discipline of its studentsThe 2004/2005 International Honors Program on Rethinking Globalization opens a critical window into the new millennium.

Marine Conservation

The Global Classroom has been working alongside GEA (Grupo Ecologista Antares) a non-profit environmental organization focusing on marine conservation in Loreto, Baja California Sur. Founded and run by our long time friend Fernando Arcas, GEA opened both doors and minds to the concept of conservation in the seas around Loreto, focusing on blue whale monitoring, marine conservation, environmental education and community outreach Learn more.

National Outdoor Leadership School

A wide variety of courses and locations. Check out their website.

National Student Exchange

UWO students can study one or two semesters outside of Wisconsin while enrolled in at UWO and paying full-time tuition and student fees here through the National Student Exchange program. One ES major spent a wonderful year studying the environment at the University of Montana. For more information, you can pick up a directory at the Office of International Education, Dempsey 146, talk with Dr. Bill Baurecht, and visit NSE online. Also check out the Office of International Education website.

Northwest Connections (University of Montana) "Landscape and Livelihood" Field Semester

Northwest Connections’ Field Semester immerses a small community of learners in an intensive two-month program focusing on ecology and community-based conservation. Students learn experientially as they study the landscape of the Swan Valley and the human community it supports. NwC’s instructional philosophy emphasizes participation in conservation projects as a means of developing field skills. Students also work closely with local citizens and land managers in order to understand the relationship of environmental issues to rural communities. Landscape and Livelihood’s residential program operates seven days per week, creating time for classroom lecture, field work, reading, reflective writing, independent study and involvement in community activities. Fifteen semester credits are earned in Forestry and Conservation, Environmental Studies, Recreation Management and General Science through a cooperative agreement with the University of Montana . We admit 10-12 highly motivated applicants who are passionate about conservation and willing to commit to an intensive, experiential program. Learn more.

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education here at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh offers a few great programs abroad. The Semester or Year in Canada-University of New Brunswick , and the European Odyssey in France , England , Germany , and Italy-Global Classroom are two notable programs. UW-Oshkosh also offers study abroad programs that can take you the U.K., Costa Rica, Brazil, Greece, Germany, Belize, India, Canada, France, Japan, Spain, Uganda, Bermuda, Scotland, Mexico, and beyond. There are many courses that could be taken and all receive college credit.

The Organic Farmer Training Program

The OFTP was developed to address the increasing need for small-scale organic growers. Students engage in the management of SOF gardens and field production for the farm's primary markets, including a 48 week CSA, a 6 month on campus farm stand and sales to campus dining services. Learn more.

Peace Corps

Commit to 27 months of training and service overseas. You will learn to speak the local language and adapt to the culture and values of the people you serve while sharing their perspective of America . Peace Corps Volunteers are leaders in grass-roots efforts to protect the environment, working on projects such as establishing forest conservation plans and developing alternatives to wood as a fuel source.

Pigeon Lake Field Station

Summer field studies courses offered by U.W. River Falls Pigeon Lake Field Station. Some are straight science field studies courses. Others are art-related. Great for getting out-of-the-classroom experience in nature. 2 credit courses.

The School for Field Studies

The School for Field Studies offers two month-long, four-credit summer sessions which are perfect for students who wish to spend part of their summer break learning field research and environmental problem-solving skills, combining interdisciplinary lectures with field research exercises and expeditions. The School for Field Studies has programs that could take you to Kenya , Costa Rica , Australia , Mexico , and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea is a study abroad program designed to incorporate a global semester in your undergraduate experience. The shipboard curriculum provides you with a series of insights into various cultures and societies and allows you to dissect and assess what you observe. Not only will you develop the ability to understand new cultures as they are encountered, but you will also gain the intellectual tools that will allow you to relate past experiences to future situations. Similarly, you are called upon to examine the crisis issues of global concern, such as those relating to environment, population, foreign policy interrelationships and economics, in the context of the nations visited. The ship truly becomes a campus on which you will work in a traditional classroom setting, and the world a laboratory from which approximately 20% of the credit earned for a course is fulfilled. The integration of classroom and international fieldwork enables Semester at Sea to provide a learning environment unattainable on a traditional land campus. Starting with the Summer 2006 voyage, the University of Virginia will grant academic credit for participation in Semester at Sea. The academic program is reviewed in its entirety, with all faculty and courses approved through the respective departments within the University of Virginia . The University appoints the Academic Dean for each voyage, who is responsible for academic planning and implementation of the program during the course of the voyage. Credits earned meet the required standards, permitting transfer to your university or college.

Student Conservation Association

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is building the next generation of conservation leaders and inspiring lifelong stewardship of our environment and communities by engaging young people in hands-on service to the land. Positions are available in all conservation disciplines and range in length from 12 weeks to 12 months.

Where There Be Dragons

Dragons courses combines the best in experimental education, travel, service learning and physically and intellectually engaging experiences. The four to six week summer Where There Be Dragons programs and three-month semester courses are not tours or conventional trips; rather, they are expertly lead, low-impact travel adventures that draw the most from on-site learning opportunities.

Wild Rockies Field Institute

TheWild Rockies Field Institute (WRFI) offers a unique combination of outdoor adventure, quality academics, and experiential learning, all at an affordable price. Our students explore some of the most beautiful landscapes in America and meet the people at the heart of the subjects they study. Our students tell us repeatedly that they learn more and better when they are in the field seeing and doing. WRFI is a small organization committed to the experiences and well-being of its students and staff. Class size is limited to 10, and the student-to-instructor ratio is never more than 5:1, which means we’ll always remember your name. Every student gets lots of personal attention, and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions, get help on assignments, and ask for advice.

Wildlands Studies Environmental Field Projects

At Wildlands Studies Environmental Field Projects, you will help field study specialists search for to important environmental problems. Wildlands Studies can take you to places like Montana , Alaska , Hawai’i , California , Washington , Utah , Chile , Belize , Thailand , Fiji , Himalaya , Costa Rica , China , Kenya , and New Zealand.

Woodland School (Aldo Leopold Foundation)

Since 1998, the Woodland School (Aldo Leopold Foundation) has been assisting people responsible for managing both public and private land in creating and realizing their own conservation vision. The process of cultivating your own personal Land Ethic and acquiring the skills to incorporate it into your management practices can take many years. As your awareness and the complexity of your projects grow, you may feel the need for new and different types of learning opportunities to help you along the way. Whether you are just starting out or have been actively managing your land for years, we strive to offer broad-based classes that can continue to empower the decisions you make on your land.

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