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Environmental Management

Businesses have a huge impact on the environment. There are a number of MBA and related programs that educate future business leaders in environmental sustainability.

Note: programs change over time. Check current websites to get up-to-date information.

Bard MBA in Sustainability 
In 2012, Bard College launched its new MBA program in Sustainability. Bard also have an strong Environmental Policy Masters program.

Duke University: Nicholas School of the Environment

Department of the Environment, Graduate School
Director of Graduate Studies, Box 90328 , Durham , NC 27708-0328

Degrees offered:

  • Master of Environmental Management (Nicholas School of the Environment)
  • A.M. and Ph.D. (Department of the Environment of the Graduate School ).

Prerequisites for admission : Prerequisites for admission to the school are (1) some previous training in the natural sciences or the social sciences related to the student's area of interest in natural resources; (2) at least one introductory course in calculus; (3) a statistics course that includes descriptive statistics, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals; correlation, simple linear regression, and simple ANOVAs; (4) a working knowledge of microcomputers for word proces`sing and data analysis. The Coastal Environmental Management program also requires microeconomics. Deficiencies must be made up during the first semester in residence; these courses do not count toward degree requirements.

Oklahoma State University

  • Environmental Science Graduate Program, Environmental Management
  • 003 Life Sciences East, Stillwater, OK 74078-3011 U.S.A.
  • 1-405 744-5998 or 1-405-744-9229; Fax: 1-405-744-7673

Degrees Offered: M.S. - Environmental Science/Environmental Management;

Description: Environmental Management is offered as a specialization within the Environmental Science MS degree program. Designed to address the growing need for environmental professionals, the Environmental Management Specialization is constructed to accommodate traditional and non-traditional students.

University of California , Berkeley

  • Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (College of Natural Resources)
  • 145 Mulford Hall, 643-2626

Degrees offered: M.S. and Ph.D. in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management

Prerequisites for admission : The completed undergraduate program should normally be in a field relevant to the disciplinary emphasis chosen. Applicants without this background may be admitted with the understanding that their course work must compensate for deficiencies in their preparation.

University of California , Santa Barbara

  • Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management
  • Donald Bren Hall - Rm. 2400, Santa Barbara , CA 93106-5131 U.S.A.
  • 1-805-893-7611; Fax: 1-805-893-7612

Degrees Offered: Master's-Environmental Science and Management (M.E.S.M.)

Description: The Bren School trains their students to approach environmental issues from an integrated perspective, accounting for the social, legal, political, and business contexts within which they arise.
Areas of Study: Water Resources Management; Pollution Prevention and Remediation; Coastal Marine Resources Management; Conservation Planning; Corporate Environmental Management; Public Environmental Management; Environmental Information Management

University of Southern California

  • M.A. Environmental Studies

Description : The MA program is an interdisciplinary program spanning the social and natural sciences. Directed towards the study of national and international environmental issues and policy problems, the program offers students the choice of three concentrations for study: 1) Global Environmental Issues and Development; 2) Law, Policy, and Management; and 3) Environmental Planning and Analysis. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for a career in the rapidly expanding environmental field, but is also well suited for students interested in teaching, government, business, law, and consulting.

Prerequisites : Undergraduate GPA of about 3.0 or higher and combined GRE score of about 1000 or higher (quantitative and verbal sections). Students with a baccalaureate degree in any major may be admitted into the program as long as they have completed a year of biology, a year of chemistry, a course in earth sciences, either life or physical sciences or engineering, a course in statistics (or calculus), an introductory human environment, social ecology or environmental studies course in the social sciences. It is recommended that students take a science course in ecology and a course in economics at the undergraduate level prior to applying for admission. The Director of the Environmental Studies Program will consider other relevant course work and work experience as a possible substitute for the required and recommended course work.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Institute for Environmental Studies

Degrees offered:

  • M.S. in Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development
  • M.S., Ph.D. in Environmental Monitoring
  • M .S., Ph.D. in Land Resources
  • M.S. in Water Resources Management

Prerequisites for admission : Students with undergraduate degrees in a variety of fields are encouraged to apply to the program; those with backgrounds in biological sciences are most likely to have satisfied all the prerequisites. The following courses are prerequisites: two courses in physical sciences (chemistry, physics, geology, physical geography, meteorology); one course in statistics; one course in economics; one year of basic biology; one course in genetics or evolution; one course in general ecology; and at least two of the courses required by the department for completion of the program. Please contact the program office for a complete list of these courses.

Vanderbilt University

  • Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management Studies
  • 1207 18th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212 USA
  • 1-615-322-8004; Fax: 1-615-343-7408

Degrees Offered: M.S. - Interdisciplinary Master's in Environmental Management Studies;

Description: VCEMS promotes and develops partnerships among industry, government and academia to study the relationship of environmental policy to business management and operations. The Center is a Vanderbilt University system-wide initiative jointly led by the Graduate School, the School of Engineering, the Owen Graduate School of Management, the Law School, and the Institute for Public Policy Studies. Studies in environmental management provide the guidance and support for the interdisciplinary study of environmental business, policy, law, engineering, and technology issues. The Vanderbilt Center for Environmental Management Studies brings faculty members and students together from various disciplines for collaborative study and research on topics such as environmental risk assessment, management and communication, organizational design and strategy; sustainability; policy analysis; environmentally conscious manufacturing and technology management; and global en onmental issues.

Research Areas: Environmental information disclosure; environmental risk management; environmental justice; emergency management planning; corporate environmental policy

Yale University

  • School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
  • 205 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511 USA
  • Tel: (203) 432-5100; Prospective student: (800) 825-0330; Fax: (203) 432-5942

Description: This degree is designed for students with primary interests in careers in environmental policy and analysis, stewardship, education, consulting, or management dealing with natural resource or environmental issues. The program requires course work in both the natural and social sciences, with a particular focus on the relationship among science, management, and policy. The ultimate purpose of the degree program is to prepare students to address ecological and social systems with scientific understanding and an ability to make sense of the complex underlying social and ecological context.

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